If you can read this the Internet still exists, and brands need to sparkle to be noticed. We know the business value of design and use strategy, magic and motion to make brands look their best and be successful.

2022 — Branding & Design

Hubris alert! Stop reading immediately if you don't want to hear about the time our clients gave us an otherworldly amount of love by voting for us in the infamous Agency of the Year Award. There was love enough for us to actually take home the trophy in the Branding & Design (5 - 20 K SEK) category. Also, if you're sensitive to bragging in combination with strong motion design, maybe you should bounce out of this site entirely. But please stay.

01 — Design

EQT Ventures

It’s risky business when you meet someone new, and they immediately invite you to a party. This scenario can lead to you shyly hovering in a rural kitchen looking for snacks. It can, however, turn into a creative design fest where you end up in love with shiny spheres. When Dallas met venture capital rockstars EQT Ventures, the latter happened.

Did you know that screens are shining gateways to the collective mind? That’s why it’s so fitting that Klarna US wished for a mystical aura generator slash interactive art piece to bewilder guests at “The Studio by Klarna x Haus Labs” in LA.

03 — Corporate

The future of mining is electrified. Follow the bird and let the voices of Tampere Chamber Choir guide you. Together with Grandios TV we are proud to be turning this groundbreaking shift in the industry into a worldwide campaign, where “Bird in the mine” is the central string of frames.

02 — Campaign

In this second Nordic campaign for Eurocard, all your problems with hostile business paperwork is crawling away. No 3D paper animals were injured in the process, they are all trained professionals.

01 — Design

The new DreamLeague identity is made to move, celebrating DreamHack’s remarkable 25 year devotion to bringing people together to play and create. Lovers of fire and dust, unite.

01 — Design

Melodifestivalen shines bright in 2021. A tour that became a studio show, which fired all its rockets and become a tribute to TV creativity.

01 — Design

Great reading for everyone, every day. Bokus Play has been renewed with a vibrant visual identity and a Bokus Play cosmos ready for all channels - from screen to store, to screen again.

01 - Branding / Design


Documentary curator Dox celebrates a decade of the world's best documentaries with a cracking new title sequence. Setting the mood for the most powerful stories from around the world, this opener is loaded with feels.

02 - Campaign

Join us in the control room, the heart of TV4 Play, where a relaxed world of entertainment is available 24/7. Everyone can kick back when Pär serves the cosiness for all tastes and occasions!

03 — Corporate

Our mission for Midroc Automation was to captivate young engineers, inform about this cutting edge company and to reinforce internal pride. Employer Branding in two and a half minutes together with Det. Enjoy!

01 - Branding / Design


In competition with over 8,000 international entries Dallas has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award.