If you can read this the Internet still exists, and brands need to sparkle to be noticed. We know the business value of design and use strategy, magic and motion to make brands look their best and be successful.

01 — Design & Branding

In an ambitious collaborative odyssey we teamed up with Swedish Public Television (SVT) to go ten thousand years back in time. Creating an identity solid enough to endure any tribes and traditions, agile enough to chronicle the history of Sweden in all its twists and turns — from the ice age to modern day.

02 — Campaigns


Renowned bookstore Akademibokhandeln is an online as well as in-store treat for all book heads. Everyone knows they offer an unmatched literary smorgasbord, but beyond books there is so much more to discover. What about all the creative material, the pens and pencils, the board games, the wrapping paper, all of the perfect gifts for friends and foes? All of these items deserve a time to shine too. And so Akademibokhandeln (business family member of Bokus, no worries), came to Dallas to draft a design world to fit this wide range of tools and tidbits.

01 — Branding & Design

The joy of reading is for everyone. The value of design is indisputable. When Bokus Play was about to enter the audiobook market a timid approach was not an option.

02 — Campaigns

Take A Chance is a gripping documentary film about a convicted stalker with an unwavering obsession for ABBA's Agnetha Fältskog. From logo to key art, motion graphics, campaign concept and eternal ad production, Dallas helped both production company A Rabbit Hole and streaming platform Amazon Prime package this story with style and integrity.

02 — Campaigns

Born and raised in entertainment, we just love making key art designs. Everything — all the love and effort, the core tonality, the story, the way in which this one is special — goes into this shop window of an illustration.

01 — Branding & Design

Melodifestivalen shines bright in 2023. A tour that became a studio show, which fired all its rockets and become a tribute to TV creativity.

01 — Design

The new DreamLeague identity is made to move, celebrating DreamHack’s remarkable 25 year devotion to bringing people together to play and create. Lovers of fire and dust, unite.

02 + 03 — Campaigns & Corporate


You probably spend way too much time wondering on how to create a clean energy powered mobility device using robotic origami (LIGHT.FOLD). We hear you and we would like to introduce you to Stilride — the future of electric bikes.

02 — Campaigns

In this second Nordic campaign for Eurocard, all your problems with hostile business paperwork is crawling away. No 3D paper animals were injured in the process, they are all trained professionals.

03 — Corporate


Design can make the world a little bit safer, at least when working with Mips. Yet another Swedish tech wunderkind (wait, that's German), their mission is to lead the world to safer helmets. Our mission is to explain how they do do it.

01 — Branding & Design

Hubris alert! Stop reading immediately if you don't want to hear about the time our clients gave us an otherworldly amount of love by voting for us in the infamous Agency of the Year Award. There was love enough for us to actually take home the trophy in the Branding & Design (5 - 20 K SEK) category. Also, if you're sensitive to bragging in combination with strong motion design, maybe you should bounce out of this site entirely. But please stay.