Branding + Design: The Upskill Company

Can humans be capital?

Skill — unlike granite — can be eternally reformed, reshaped, and revitalized. The Upskill Company is reintroducing what it means to learn, to be an asset, to evolve as a person. There’s no point in having a linear career if the line doesn’t take you where you need to go.

The chronologies we have made up for storytelling, filmmaking, and bible studies shouldn’t be applied to human development. And people shouldn’t be treated as either a perfect brick in the wall around a business plan, or be discarded. The way to truly grow a business long term is with new coworkers, as well as transforming internal competence with upskilling and reskilling programs. Everything else in nature is circular, of course our learning is too.

In The Upskill Company identity up-and-coming meets trustworthy, punk meets corporate. Structured and a tiny bit futuristic. Reaching for greater things. Looking sharp but approachable. The logo starts over, meaning: Your career starts now. And now. And now.

Humans are valuable. Maybe that’s why some refer to co-workers as human capital.

If you want others to follow you down a new path, it might help to wear something eye-catching. The Upskill identity combines black and white backgrounds with edgier reds and purples. Working in pairs, the shades help underline important messaging and charge ads, merchandise and keynotes with a pioneering energy.

The Upskill Company operates in the cloud, seeking to refine old rules. It seemed sensible to choose an open-source typeface, Space Grotesk — structured, playful yet sober.

That’s great, now start over.