Branding + Design: Medtryck

Cold case: The missing motion ID

Just like any other industry, the printing and merchandising game has its own rules, and bending them is part of the Medtryck DNA. Styled with a fresh logo and some matching assets they were ready for choreography. Because sometimes the right thing to do is letting your merch loose.

Right when the competition was starting to catch up with Medtryck’s designed and colourful persona, it was time to make another move. To hold the position as the most agile and creative merchandise partner, a motion ID was badly needed. The gaps between static assets needed to close immediately.

We cannot disclose the secret recipe for these luminary results but it involved getting typography moving, products in formation, and gradients traveling over lurking shadows.

If you’re missing some tools, get more tools. If you have the tools, make them dance. Like in Beauty and the Beast, you know, when the cups and spoons jump off the shelves and, well, have kind of a flash mob moment. That’s possible. Anyways.