Campaigns: Key Art

The big picture

Born and raised in entertainment, we just love making key art designs. The Hollywood Reporter defines the term “key art” as “the singular, iconographic image that is the foundation upon which a movie’s marketing campaign is built.” Sounds about right.

Here’s how to prepare an inviting key art image using only the ingredients you can find at the office. Open up a fresh art board, make sure it’s spot clean. Mix the essence of the show, film, or product with at least 25 years of experience in entertainment marketing. Let it sit for a few meetings. Add a lot of face (preferably eye contact), brand colors, and emotions that connect with the right audience. Flatten and bake according to delivery specs, garnish with big logo and exciting new copy. Serve in small or big screens depending on media budget.

Take a Chance

Take A Chance is a gripping documentary film about a convicted stalker with an unwavering obsession for ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog. From logo to key art, motion graphics, campaign concept and eternal ad production, Dallas helped both production company A Rabbit Hole and streaming platform Amazon Prime package this story with style and integrity.

Amazon Prime

Always be turning heads

Just about to introduce local nordic content with two giant campaigns, Amazon Prime invited a stack of agencies to a pitch deluxe. We won one of them by not being afraid to make some heads spin. Proudly introducing this eye-catching, loud, yellow, extremely adaptable campaign unique to every screen. We put ourselves through SAS training to be able to pull this production off, but who remembers a turbulent flight when the destination is this bright yellow? That’s right, no one.


Dark drama with teeth grinding performances, set in the quiet landscapes of rural Sweden.


What this talent show needed was something it already had: Reaction shots. The judges are too good to be true, the rest is flare design and lighting.

Grand Designs

Ambitious dreamotainment show Grand Designs has come to Sweden, showing off creative architectural masterpieces. New host and seasoned architecture critic Mark Isitt guides us through the journey from ambition to fruition.


A-list showman Benjamin Ingrosso grew up in the kitchen. In his new TV4 cook-and-talk-show Benjamin’s, he whips up delicious Italian meals that make celebrity guests shake their truffles.

Lego Masters

Sparkling studio entertainment meets shiny plastic creativity in Lego Masters Sweden. We are now on our second season of working together with TV4 to celebrate this highly competitive Lego fiesta. Really getting the hang of portraying fully saturated masterpieces in great detail.


Legendary Swedish crime drama movie series Beck just got a dark but shiny key art make-over of the finest caliber.


Swedish super agent Carl Hamilton is portrayed by Jakob Oftebro nowadays. We helped TV4 and C More put his face on every street corner.


When it comes to Melodifestivalen we open up the Dallas high security underground server devoted entirely to sparkly, fairy-dusty, high-glossy melodrama 3D graphics. It is now locked up for another year.