Campaigns: Eurocard

Seriously Origami

We can’t wait to tell you about this project. Copy coming soon.

In this second Nordic campaign for Eurocard, all your problems with hostile business paperwork is crawling away. No 3D paper animals were injured in the process, they are all trained professionals.

Here’s our previous campaign for Eurocard which we produced on behalf of Ehrenstråhle. An both poetic and epic campaign for the receiptless office.

We also produced simpler films and stills with our origami birds for print and social media.

Watching things in slow motion has always been spine-tingling. Not least when things explode. And when Eurocard has developed a way to avoid paper receipts, then all the stars align!

When Ehrenstråhle came up with this idea we were easily persuaded. Who does not want to blow up receipts?

To get the most bang for the buck, we’ve made sure to reuse parts of the explosions according to our motto Motion First.

We would like to take the opportunity to show a Dallas treat from the past: Eurocard – Everything is shareable!