Branding + Design: EQT Ventures

Step into the Q

It’s risky business when you meet someone new, and they immediately invite you to a party. This scenario can lead to you shyly hovering in a rural kitchen looking for snacks. It can, however, turn into a creative design fest where you end up in love with shiny spheres. When Dallas met venture capital rockstars EQT Ventures, the latter happened.

To celebrate their five year anniversary EQT Ventures wanted to create a reel showcasing a diverse and colourful set of new Power Qs. The Power Q is a bedazzled version of the Q from the EQT logo, used very creatively, to show different sides of the brand’s personality and business. This anniversary edition of Q designs stems from a colourful and happy place, sparkling and audacious.

The new Q designs along with a special celebratory Q, an animated reel of the Q’s, as well as stills and separate short animations of each Q were created using a mix of imagination, motion design and different 3D programs. The reel reflects the evolution and versatile nature of the EQT Venture’s business and brand.

The final motion and still renders are used on the company website, in social media channels and presentations as well as in marketing. Sound design and mixing by Swedish sound design studio Darwood. Original brand design and logo by Bold Scandinavia.

Highly detailed and vivid 3D Qs, without any regard to the rest of the room or context. Mixing simple, plain textures with extreme detail when up close.