Branding + Design: SVT

Dust to dust

In an ambitious collaborative odyssey we teamed up with Swedish Public Television (SVT) to go ten thousand years back in time. Creating an identity solid enough to endure any tribes and traditions, agile enough to chronicle the history of Sweden in all its twists and turns — from the ice age to modern day.

The History of Sweden is a massive multi channel project telling the stories of our country’s origins, struggles and progress. The format is an exciting and beautiful infotainment retrospective, entailing multiple communication and design quests.

In the opening sequence the logo comes together in an alluring cast iron choreography surrounded by dust.

As we move through the layers of time a dust whirls and awakens. There are more than a few reasons and thoughts behind this whirling dust. First of all, the tiniest particles of our universe is what we are all made of. We are made and remade in eternity.

The dust is a symbol of this loop, it is a metaphor for time and its continuous motion, it is also a design asset adding mystique and drama, interweaving all windows of communication. From dust to dust.

In recreating ten thousand years of Swedish history, we mixed ancient materials, soulful tales and modern motion to create an all-encompassing branded world for the series — from logo to time travelling graphics, to campaign keyart and merchandise. The score was created by the great Ludwig Göransson och Per Gunnar Juliusson. Title sequence editing by Adam Holmkvist.

Crafted from an ornamented sans serif, the logotype carries tokens of different times; the glowing North Star guiding our efforts, the flower reminding us that we are part of nature, and the key unlocking past and present experiences. In its purest form the logo is flat, white and ready for any setting.