Branding + Design: Akademibokhandeln

The Balancing Act

Renowned bookstore Akademibokhandeln is an online as well as in-store treat for all book heads. Everyone knows they offer an unmatched literary smorgasbord, but beyond books there is so much more to discover. What about all the creative material, the pens and pencils, the board games, the wrapping paper, all of the perfect gifts for friends and foes? All of these items deserve a time to shine too. And so Akademibokhandeln (business family member of Bokus, no worries), came to Dallas to draft a design world to fit this wide range of tools and tidbits.

Brief: We have so much more than books. Let’s create a beautiful and scalable design world to fit any and all items, separate or bundled, now, soon and maybe forever. Target group: Everyone!

Strategy brains says most of the items for sale could possibly be found elsewhere. A strong and interesting setting is needed for the items to pop, a world clearly connected to the Akademibokhandeln brand and the related seasonal campaigns. We need something that people can recognise and get to know between channels (be it social, DOOH, website), something that is playful but still jives with the mother brand, that can be perpetually altered yet build brand recognition over time. We need to build something, and aim for the sky.

Design brain says I hear you, and you know, colourful, monochrome, softly lit 3D rooms with rubbery, geometrical shapes are trending — let’s just lovingly accept that and add something new, put the actual goods front and center, and give them their own move, a clear motion ID for all screens. What if the pens and rolls of tape are so excited to be in the spotlight that they can’t help but climb each other and almost fall over? What if they are treated as beautiful objects in a precious still life masterpiece?

The result, “The balancing act”, is a concept that catches your eye, is interesting to look at, and can be altered a million ways in different combinations, both in still and motion assets. Useful, beautiful things. Now and forever.