02 Campaigns

Dear Dallas, how do we launch this thing with a boom and sell more of our product? No problem: Let’s build a carefully designed world to frame this magnificent beast, add the right copy and put it somewhere smart. Don’t wait for the boom, make the boom.

Campaigns Showreel 2020

After years of refining the Bokus and Bokus Play branding and design worlds on all screens, we took the orange look to town. Behold this mixed media campaign for the I Just Want To Be Cool children's book launch, which inhabited outdoor screens, display ads, as well as glossy dead trees in the subway. And Mom, we wrapped a tram.


In this second Nordic campaign for Eurocard, all your problems with hostile business paperwork is crawling away. No 3D paper animals were injured in the process, they are all trained professionals.

Did you know that screens are shining gateways to the collective mind? That’s why it’s so fitting that Klarna US wished for a mystical aura generator slash interactive art piece to bewilder guests at “The Studio by Klarna x Haus Labs” in LA.
A mysterious digital creature disguised as a screen, this interactive wall idles beautifully, only to light up when you stand in front of it. It’s quirky art, it’s supernatural animation combined with code hidden inside gadgets.

Born and raised in entertainment, we just love making key art designs. The Hollywood Reporter defines the term “key art” as “the singular, iconographic image that is the foundation upon which a movie’s marketing campaign is built.” Sounds about right.

You probably spend way too much time wondering on how to create a clean energy powered mobility device using robotic origami (LIGHT.FOLD). We hear you and we would like to introduce you to Stilride — the future of electric bikes.

Stena Recycling

Instead of watching the sea, contemplate materials turning into components and making devices scroll to the end of their days, only to be taken apart, reborn as something new. We made circularity in 16:9 with our friends at Stendahls.

Do you notice all of the skilled worker bees all around you? Maybe you’re one of them. Together with Worldskills we made a film showcasing and celebrating some of the skills that are needed for our lives to function — from the break of dawn to nightfall.

Whenever, wherever, let's go into space together. From planet earth to the space station, the spacesuits and even the ZYN pouches and cans, this campaign is an extraterrestrial 3D fiesta.

Följ med in i kontrollrummet, hjärtat i TV4 Play, där en avslappnad värld av underhållning finns dygnet runt. Alla kan koppla av när Pär fixar mys för alla smaker och tillfällen.


När Filmstaden fyller hundra år firar vi de stora känslorna. Kampanjkonceptet “100 år, 100 känslor” är ett födelsedagskalas som räcker hela året.

Gudrun Sjödén är en av det svenska modeundrets verkliga ikoner. Hennes jordnära lager-på-lager-stil av finaste tyger, är som gjord för att dansa framför kameran.